[ Manufacturing ]

We are aware that your success will guaranty ours and this is why we invest and take all the means to achieve your projects. We offer nothing less than the complete integration of your products.

At Digico, meeting your needs is a reality and commitment.



Introducing your products to market is critical to your business.  That is why the manufacturing of prototype is based on speed, efficiency and thoroughness of detail.  We establish a clear and concise communication as well as ensuring a collaboration that will reduce delays and manufacturing costs.


Digico offers complete integration of your products. Therefore we take full responsibility of the following :

  • Electronic circuit assembly
  • Integration of equipment in its enclosure
  • Insertion of wiring and harnesses
  • Test and verification of products
  • Automated application of protective coating
  • Managing your finished products
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Shipment of product to the end-customer

We have the latest equipment and qualified personnel necessary to achieve these steps, allowing you to focus your efforts on designing, developing and selling new products.


Our team has expertise in the assembly of printed circuit boards for most existing finishes (HASL, ENIG, ImAg). Our qualified staff possesses IPC 610, IPC 620 and medical standards accreditations. We are able to repair and change complex components, such as BGA and Leadless. We also have a conformal coating department, step that consist of applying a protective coating on circuit boards.

They are supported by rigorous documentation deployed through Aegis integrated manufacturing software. Throughout the production, we have checkpoints at different stages of the processes that measures quality, including the qualification of the first productions (first off) and in process control points (DPMO report) which are available for our customers.


Our technicians have the technical knowledge to produce simple or complex cables and harnesses as well as processing orders for small and large volume. In addition, continuity tests are done on all types of wiring and harnesses.


Digico has the necessary facilities to carry out mechanical assembly, whether it is metal or plastic enclosures, sub-assemblies or kits of parts.


Digico is qualified to perform tests and inspections on products.  We have various measurement tools that ensures our partners a quality product.  Our trained technicians can perform all types of tests required for the manufacturing of electronic equipment such as functional tests, ICT, Flying Probe and X-Ray.


Digico has the equipment for automated application of protective coating on printed circuits boards.  We mainly use two types of coatings: acrylic and silicone.  This machines improves the quality of coating application on the circuits and protects against temperature, humidity deviation as well as salty air.


Digico propose to manage all aspects of the final guarantee with your customer. We can therefore be responsible for returned parts management, replacement and upgrade of your products. It is an added-value service that Digico can offer.