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Au Top 300-des-plus-grandes PME

Félicitation à l’équipe Digico. Nous sommes dans le palmarès des 300 plus grande PME au Québec.


Soudures hautes précisions

Voici un mémo écrit par Cookson Electronics pour contrer les défis de soudure très pointu.  Reste à faire des tests.

Pour voir l’article directement sur leur site web  : Cookson Electronics



How does your ability to fine tune solder volume help increase your process efficiency and product performance?

ALPHA® Exactalloy® solder preforms address a wide variety of soldering challenges, including PBC assembly, automotive sub-assemblies, connectors and terminals, die attach, power module substrate attach, filtered connectors, and electronic component assembly.

Custom-designed shapes, sizes, alloys and flux types

Exactalloy® solder preforms are precisely formed pieces of solder suitable for volume manufacturing with very tight tolerances. They are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, solder alloys and flux delivery systems to meet your requirements.

ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preform Selection Criteria

Alloy: Selection is based on melting point and compatibility with substrate materials. Exactalloy preforms are produced in a large variety of alloys to meet your specific application requirements. When used in combination with solder paste, the preform alloy matches the paste alloy.

Size/Shape: Custom designed sizes and shapes provide exact solder volume for specific applications, aiding the assembly process.

Flux Type: Based on the specific application, fluxes can be integrated with an Exactalloy® preform. Our applications engineers can help you select a flux that meets all applicable IPC standards. Color-coded fluxes are available for easy identification.

Key ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preform Applications

Preforms in Solder Paste: ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preforms can be used with solder paste to selectively increase solder volume. Tape-and-reel packaging provides a convenient method for the delivery of the preform with standard pick-and-place assembly equipment. The preform is picked from the tape-and-reel packaging, and placed directly into the solder paste prior to reflow. Only a portion of the preform needs to contact the paste. ALPHA Solder Preform Tape & Reel packaging provides you with a time-to-market advantage, solving your solder volume issues during assembly verification. Standard size 0402, 0403, 0603 and 0805 and smaller ALPHA® Preforms are readily available in tape-and-reel packaging.

ALPHA Exactalloy Preforms in solder paste
ALPHA Exactalloy Preforms in solder paste.

Solder Washers for PCB Assembly: ALPHA® Exactalloy® Preform solder washers provide you with an ideal method of not only delivering the precise solder volume and flux needed for through-hole connections, but they also eliminate the need for secondary solder processes. The preform solder washer can be placed on the connector pin during PCB assembly using pick and place equipment. Solder washers can also be integrated into production using various fixturing methods. The connector pins are then reflow soldered at the same time as the solder paste.

Bare pins, washers in place pre-reflow, post-reflow
Bare pins, washers in place pre-reflow, post-reflow

Solder-Copper Laminates: For applications that require laminated preforms, we offer solder/copper/solder laminates in washer, square, rectangular and disc shapes. A wide variety of alloys is feasible.

Lamination Specifications

Fuse Alloys: The combination of the precise solder volume and a specific melt temperature provides a fuse function, such as required in fire suppression systems. In addition to the very precise fuse function enabled by eutectic or near eutectic alloys, the solder can provide mechanical strength for the assembly. Cookson is leading the industry in cost effective solutions.


Exactalloy® Preforms

Solder Sleeves: Cookson’s patented manufacturing methods provide the vast majority of the industry’s volume for solder sleeves used in solder-based wire harness connectors. These products are the life blood of aeronautic, marine and specialty vehicles. The end products provide vibration resistant and moisture proof interconnection solutions. Ask about plans to support RoHS and ELV compliant offerings.

Solder Ribbon: Cookson’s high quality solder ribbon product offering provides the flexibility to integrate custom solder preforms into your product with your specialized material cutting and handling equipment, ensuring a cost-effective approach for high volume production.

Die Attach: Typically provided in high lead alloys, contaminate free solder materials – combined with Cookson process knowledge and expertise – offer a highly reliable die attach solution for demanding power applications. Our continuous R&D efforts in this area are providing new capabilities, further enhancing the cost performance of die attach solutions.

Substrate Attach: The heart of the power module that drives reliability is the DBC substrate. Cookson offers the highest performance high Sn alloys in the industry for the most demanding, highest reliability substrate to heat spreader attach. Ask about our newest alloy offering that extends system reliability.

Flexible Packaging Options: Packaging options are available to meet a variety of applications and assembly equipment requirements and are designed to maximize customer process efficiency. High-speed preform placement can be implemented using preforms packed on tape and reel, or in bulk feeder cartridges. Cookson also offers an assortment of trays, and bulk packaging options. Argon packaging is available for specific alloys.

Tape and Reel
Tape and reel

Common Alloys
* Rosin Superactivated

Available Flux Types: Flux is a critical element in the solder system. Cookson offers the widest variety of flux types to meet the most demanding applications, including color indicators for identification of RoHS versions on the shop floor. Ask us about how our resilient flux is expanding the range of potential solutions available for your application.

Cookson has a great deal of experience developing specialty shapes. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about how we can support your unique preform shape requirements.

Specification Guidelines
* Typical specifications shown, other dimensions available upon request.

Répercussion positive à l’acquisition de National Semi par TI

Existing Texas Instruments distributors to sell combined TI and National product portfolio
DALLAS, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that effective immediately the existing distributors in its global network will integrate National Semiconductor products onto their line cards. This will expose National products to a number of new distributors, and will ensure that customers all over the world have an extensive authorized channel from which to obtain TI’s and National’s newly combined portfolio of almost 45,000 analog products. The move follows TI’s acquisition of National, which was finalized in late September.

TI also said that all of National’s current distribution contracts with Future Electronics will conclude by December 1, 2011.

To find an authorized distributor in your region, see For more information on how TI and National are delivering more together, see

About TI

Texas Instruments semiconductor innovations help 80,000 customers unlock the possibilities of the world as it could be – smarter, safer, greener, healthier and more fun.  Our commitment to building a better future is ingrained in everything we do – from the responsible manufacturing of our semiconductors, to caring for our employees, to giving back inside our communities.  This is just the beginning of our story.  Learn more at




SOURCE Texas Instruments Incorporated

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